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Flying is simply a matter of learning how to throw yourself at the ground and missing.

The trick to flying a helicopter is to keep the bottom half from going around as fast as the top half.

If you crash because it is some how urgent that you fly into bad weather, your funeral will be on a bright sunny day.

Never fly the "A" model of anything.

There is no such thing as gliding a helicopter.

The safest airplane in the world is one that can barely kill you.

A helicopter is a device comprised of twenty thousand parts, all moving in different directions, constantly striving to separate themselves, and often succeeding.

Steve: "Whatya think Howard got that model for?"
Joe: "For flying, I imagine."
Steve: "Nope, for $250. Whatya think he wanted it for?"
Joe: "I suppose for flying."
Steve: "Naw, he wanted it for $200

If the "blackbox" flight recorder is never damaged during a plane crash, why isn't the whole darned plane made out of that stuff?

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