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Board Meeting
May 5, 2003

The May meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Ron Forthman's home.  Present was  Joe Bridgham, Ron Forthman &  Steve Jacobs.
The Treasurer's reported on the current status of the funds held in the Savings Account, Checking Account and Discretionary Account.  It was moved, seconds and approved to accept the report.
The Secretary's report was read and approved.
Prez Joe reported that the incorporation papers have been sent to the State of Maine for the year 2003.  Also the rooster need to be sent in to the AMA as soon as possible.
Huntley Field was opened on the 26th of April.  Even though it was a cold day, a lot of members were there and work was accomplished for the coming season.
Our club newsletter did not make the press deadline again this month.  Will try to overcome the difficulties in the future.
We received a notice from the KVMA that their newsletter will be available over the internet beginning next month.
The regular Club meeting on May 9,  2003 will be our last meeting until September 12, 2003.  The Board of Directors will continue to meet throughout the whole year.
  The next Board meeting will be held at Joe Bridgham's  home on May 5, 2003 @ 7 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 8:12 PM.

Ron Forthman, Secretary