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Dec 14th, 2002
Bangor High School

The use of the high school was  unavailable be cause of a called "snow day".  A executive decision was made to hold the meeting at Joe Bridgeham's home.  The meeting was called to order at 7:20 P.M.  The following members were present, Joe Bridgeham, Ardene Ward, Steve Jacobs Reggie Strout, Steve Gehrs, Ron Forthman and Steve  Noble.  Also present was Stu Noble, a new candidate for membership.

Treasurer's Report:  Reggie reported on the current status of the club funds held in the Savings Accounts, Checking Account and Discretionary Account.  It  was moved, second and passed to accept the report.

Secretary's Report:  Steve Jacobs reported the minutes of the November meeting.  They were approved as read. 

Old Business:  Christmas party will be held at Miller's Restaurant on December 19th.  Festivities will begins at 6 P.M.  Steve Jacobs will send out a reminder to the membership.

New Business:  Ardene Ward will audit the Club's financial records for 2002.  The year 2003  records will incorporate some additional entries to better account for the Club's income and expenses.


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