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Board Meeting
January 7, 2003

The January meeting of the Board of Directors was held at Joe Bridgham's home.  Present was  Joe Bridgham, Ardene  Ward, Reggie Strout,  Steve Jacobs and Ron Forthman.
Reggie gave the following Treasurer's report;
  Checking Account $ 276.29
  Saving Account $ 3004.69
  Cash $ 4.00
  Picnic Fund $ 5.00
  TOTAL $ 3289.98

As of January 7, 2003 , four (4) members have renewed their membership for the coming year.

The fly-In at Old Town Airport was a success. We had five members there to fly.  Only one of our airplanes made it into the cold air. Two flights. The Old Town club got in three or four flights before calling it a day. Steve
will find us next year so he can join the fun.
Received notice from FHS Supply Corp. to supply fuel at a discount of 10% on purchase of 24 or more gallons. NO action.
Received schedule for the show of the model aviation series on DISH (Channel 153) & DIRECTV (Channel 606). Copy with Board minutes.
Received request  for information about membership in club from a prospect in Moosehead Lake.  Joe has sent info to him. 
The newsletter was a little  late last month.  Will  help Andy to disseminate information and improve with time.
Talked about activities to help increase attendance at our meetings during the winter months.  Suggestions include a Swap or Auction, small model building contest, show and tell of our larger models for the coming year and a program explaining some aspect of modeling (equipment, materials or new methods of construction)
  Mowing schedule for next year already includes two members who are willing to take part.  We need two additional volunteers in

(Continued from left)

order to get a schedule made up for the summer.
The next Board meeting will be held at Ron

Forthman's home on February 4, 2003 @ 7 PM.
The meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM.

Ron Forthman

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