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Nov 14th, 2002
Bangor High School

Field is officially closed to flying as the road conditions are assumed to be poor.

It was decided that a circle be mowed at the east side of the parking lot for helicopter practice.  It would be about 25' in diameter and would only be used for hovering practice, no forward flight.

Reggie made reservations for a Christmas dinner get together for Thursday, Dec 19th at Miller's restaurant.

The nominees for club officers were elected as the 2003 officers.  Since there was only one nominee for each open position, the motion was made by Reggie and seconded by Ron that the club secretary cast the deciding votes.  One vote was cast for each nominee.  The 2003 officers are as follows:

President: Joe Bridgham
V P: Ardene Ward
Tresurer: Reggie Strout
Secretary: Ron Forthman
Field Marshall: Steve Jacobs

Andy Chic offered to take on the newsletter duties. 

[notes by Steve Jacobs]

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